The – Taiko

The Taiko is a large, drum-like instrument of the percussion family that is believed to have originated in Korean and Chinese culture and was introduced to Japan in the 6th century.   At Global Oak Tree Scholars, Taiko Drums is part of our Funky...

Great to be back.

When Veronica Shepherdson started Global Oak Tree Scholars earlier this year, her mission was to provide her students with the best education. Little did she realise just how much the children would embrace her vision of nurturing global citizens who would...

Adding Fun to Maths and Science

There is more than one way to teach science and mathematics.   At Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS), children are taught to think outside the box. As mathematics, science and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) coach Irene Malar Abel says: “Each...

Life Skills at GOTS

Life Skills at GOTS Life skills are essential for children to learn how to be independent and become self-sufficient. If they are not nurtured to lead a happy, healthy life during childhood and adolescence, they may not develop these skills as adults. Developing life...

Mandarin Made Easy

Mandarin Made Easy Mandarin is the world’s No 1 language with nearly 1.2 billion people or about one in six understanding or speaking it. As such, at Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS), it was decided students will be taught the language not only until they reach Year 6...

Learning Mandarin

Learning Mandarin A recent survey in Britain found 51 per cent of parents believe learning Mandarin will boost their child’s career prospects while 56 per cent feel it will open their children’s minds to an exciting and dynamic culture. The figures were gained after...

Shining Example of Life Skills

Shining Example of Life Skills The education you receive at Global Oak Tree Scholars is definitely different from what you would get at other schools. At GOTS, the traditional ways of learning are infused with new elements such as digital learning and thinking outside...

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